norn gallery open call

Norn Platform invites artists worldwide, whose life has been impacted by an illness or an injury to show work for the exhibition titled Fragile Resilience at Norn Galleries.

Fragile Resilience

when struggling with an abrupt change,
having your life shifted in a monumental way

accepting the past, being able to be present

and rest is wishes and hopes about the future but those are 
the most fragile of things

patients are often isolated and left to deal with the emotional and physical impact of their diagnosis and treatment. 

Norn Gallery aims to make visible artists who lack access to physical spaces and increase their voices by creating borderless art shows that can reach to a wide range of audiences.

To apply for the open call, please share your materials before December 23 CV, Artists Bio, Work submission and website/portfolio (max 25 GB) to

Preparing artwork images
1. Images need to be sharply focused, evenly-lit, hi-resolution photographs, saved in un-compressed .jpg format.
2. Make sure your camera is at 90 degrees to the artwork.
3. Position the lights on either side of the artwork at 45 degree angles.
4. Use Photoshop, or another utility, to crop the background out.
5. To produce the best quality for detailed inspection, your images should be at least 2500 pixels in their shortest dimension.
6. Make sure to save images at maximum quality.
7. To make the art gallery sustainable in the longer term, we will be asking your permission to sell a digital copy of your artwork with %40- commission rate and permission to promote your work on our social media accounts.

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