what is the perfect residency for you

Today we had morning meeting where we discussed topic of young people worldwide, considering issues we have in common and challenges we are facing together. This kind of research will help us construct and offer opportunities based by the real needs of youth as well as more experienced practitioners who can offer their knowledge and collaborate with us.

We also discussed residencies and how do we benefit from them, which is important for future residencies we will host – we received feedback from our participants regarding other residencies they have been a part of in the past. Good structure of a residency helps artists be more productive and leaves them enough space for their creativity. Also, we agreed that essential part of residencies is travelling and meeting other people, so providing enough space for social activities of participants is of huge importance.

What is the perfect residency for you? Write to us to let us know!

We are thinking about you!

Stay tuned for further updates and new open call soon!

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