Coantivirus International Online Art Exhibition


In the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) makes great impacts on China. But Chinese people are united and determined to fight against the COVID-19 and, thankfully, continue receiving help and support from many other countries.
With the rapid development of modern society, the world is closely connected. Globalization obliges the international community to bear and contemplate various challenges together. Like other disasters or issues, virus outbreak is a challenge not the only country faces; while fighting against the virus is to fight with fate for a better life, the mutual wish of universe.
Instant measures taken to contain the coronavirus outbreak, by China, stabilizes the domestic situation, which earns appreciation but also misunderstanding. Some exaggerated rhetoric and prejudices try to disturb the public opinion. However, we should realize that when human beings are confronted with same suffering, misunderstandings will only make people suffer more and warmth is what we all need.
Art is like a kind of medicine, relieving pains and creating warmth for people who are suffering; meanwhile, it is a tool, which can be used to record, express, communicate, encourage and reflect in difficulties, despite of time, space, language, religion and etc… We should initiatively use it to provide a platform for sincere, decent and humanitarian art expression, and to embrace objective public opinion about the COVID-19, which is why we want to start this International Online Art Exhibition.
When the coronavirus broke out, are there some people who have to stay alone away from home, or unable to fall asleep due to panic, or wander and feel lost? … Each individual constitute the collective society and their life the true image of the time and event. Art should reflect its times, which we called “empathy”. During this difficult period that empathy is increasingly needed, is it not unnecessary for us to restore the art into the life?
This international online art exhibition is on an independent and nonprofit website. We call for artists and art lovers at home and abroad to record what they know, see, feel and think since COVID-19 occurs.
We hope this will be a channel where the international art community would know more about the epidemic situation, authentic materials for art creation can be provided, and misunderstandings and anxieties can relieved. We look forward to hearing about the most real thoughts and showing the truest state of people during the outbreak. We sincerely long to increase the possibility of communication and mutual understanding, and let the vital function of art, warming the soul, return. In the midst of common adversity, hope art can cross borders, truly touch the bottom of heart, convey love and help selves and others though we’re oceans apart.


1. Exhibition Theme: Coronavirus
2. Exhibition Forms: Online Exhibition, and will be updated regularly since March 30, 2020 on official website
3. Exhibition Time: From March 30 to the day when Coronavirus is fully under control


1. Disciplines Open to artists, designers, art students or groups, art lovers from various disciplines all over the world.
2. How to apply
1) Artworks submitted before March 15 will be exhibited since the exhibition starts on March 30.Artworks submitted earlier before March 30 will have more chances to promote. Artworks submitted after March 30 will be updated regularly.
2) Applicant should provide files as follows in English or Chinese to the official e-mailbox at: with the subject as “Coantivirus” International Online Art Exhibition: a) Files about exhibition works: Format: JPG, TIF, PDF, WORD, MP3, MP4 Titled with author and work’s name Resolution: 5MB (min.) b) The Application Form Please download it on the official cooperation website ( ) or refer to the Attachment, then fill out it.
3) Applicant can submit more than one piece of work, without limitations of quantity.
3. Support
1) The Organizer, co-organizers and partners will give priority to selected applicants in participating in their future art program, such as artist-in-residence, exhibition, salon and etc., and in related fees reduction or benefits.
2) Organizer will offer selected applicants the official digital certificate of exhibition.
4. Notice
1) This online exhibition is nonprofit and free of charge.
2) Applicants are responsible for any legal issues arising from the originality of their submitted artworks and authenticity of the materials they submitted.
3) Applicants have all rights of artworks he or she exhibited on this website.
4) The organizer has the right to use the materials applicants submitted for related promotion of this online exhibition
5) Organizer will set up professional committee to select artworks before publishing, on the basis of materials they submitted.
6) Organizer reserves the rights of explaining the matters listed above and using designs.


1. We sincerely invite all art institutions / groups, media, public welfare units, brands to join as partners / sponsors;
2. Individuals are welcome to participate as volunteers in the collection, editing, and artist interviews for website information and online exhibition.


For any questions, please contact NY20:
Tel: +862885360589
Mobile: +8613402876539
Official website: (open since March 30, 2020)
Cooperation Website:

Initiator: Nongyuan International Art Village
Organizer: NY20+
WE NEED ART (France)
Implementation unit: Chengdu Nongyuan Culture and Art Promotion Co., Ltd.
Supporter: Sichuan Artists Association
Chengdu Artists Association
Chengdu Folk Literature and Art Association
Sichuan Kaiming Painting Academy
Sichuan Fine Brushwork Painting Academy
Chengdu Hibiscus Culture Research Institute
Wuhou District Artists Association
Auckland International Gallery
RUOXIAO Contemporary Art Space in Los Angeles

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