ic lecture @ EMAG

art & social responsibility

lecture about work of inspiring change held by our founder on EMAG – European Mensas Annual Gathering in Belgrade 2018

lecture description

Throughout human history, artists were the ones to inspire changes, development and progress in every aspect of existence. Nowadays the audience for arts seems to be mainly artists themselves, their original role in society has drifted and art isn’t accessible or intended for wider community.
The question is how to spread artistic circles for non-artists and encourage artists to use their creativity in a wider framework. In the beginning of the century marked with overflow of content, intense distractions and global opinions, bringing people together, under a mission of bringing positive changes, becomes a necessity.

about the lecturer

Nina Petrov is founder and project manager of inspiring change, a non-profit organization which aims to build the capacity of art and cultural community and empower their participation in civil society by promoting social freedom and active citizenship.

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