meet the residents

meet these eight amazing artists, coming together from all over the planet to meet & work together at inspiring change – training course & art residency 2018


Wenlin Tan, Singapore

Wenlin is an illustrator, writer & movement practitioner from Singapore. Her works take inspiration from social issues, interactions & nature. You can find her work on and @wenlintellsstories



Joshua Strydom, Zimbabwe

Joshua Strydom is a Zimbabwean artist whose work focuses on creating a median between differing cultures. He examines the habitual features of society, using visual vocabulary to create collages of tradition, allowing the foreign to enlighten the familiar.


Laura Carvalho, Brazil

Laura Carvalho in her search for different ways of living/being had worked with people who suffer from mental illness and people facing drug abuse in the context of vulnerability. Was inside these apparently hostile environments, where Carvalho found a fruitful place for the development of her visual production. The dynamic ordinations, precarious and provisional, intrinsic in these environments are the substantial matter of her artwork. Just like the precision of the needle, her main instrument of work, which sews and redefines objects and fabrics, the artist aims the union of different areas of knowledge, techniques and methods, creating a symbolic weaving of new lines of thoughts.

sabrinaSabrina Bellenzier, Italy

Sabrina Bellenzier is a visual artist and cultural operator born in Feltre (BL), IT. Her artistic practice mixes photography and performance art and it starts from the idea that the two disciplines share a common ground, both being connected to a  ritualistic, alchemical process of transformation and revelation. She is interested in the creation of a new mythology (personal and collective) / reappropriation of an old one, and in discovering hidden realities. As a cultural operator, she is focused on the concept of space, private and common, and she is interested in working on projects that are community-based and site-specific, that can create connections and spaces of freedom, using a specific approach based on activism and self-production.

lishuLishu Gang, China

Lishu Gang, originally from China, has studied in six different countries in a global rotation program at Minerva Schools at KGI. Her studies revolve around understanding complex social, ethical, and political issues with empirial methods and effective communications. She enjoys using storytelling, especially writing and filmmaking, to communicate solutions and to create social change. Her current interests include the ethics of immigration, the politics of rhetoric, and multimodal communications. By participating the Inspiring Change art residency, Lishu hopes to experiment on different materials and explore the interaction between space and time in order to address some specific historical or environmental problems.

ketanKetan Borkar, India

“I completed my Masters in Computer Science, worked in IT sector for 2 years and later quit my job to follow my dream in Writing & Film Making. I am very passionate about Writing, Acting and Film making. I believe, Film is one of the most impacting forms of art and through this art form, I wish to express myself and contribute to the society in a positive way. I have worked as a Production Team Member for few short films & recently completed shooting my own short film as a writer & director. I am really excited about the Art & Cultural Residency Programme and looking forward to meet different artists, learn new things and collaboratively work with them.”

martinaMartina Maya-Callen, USA

Martina Desireé Maya-Callen is a self-love activist, social conscious artist, eating disorder warrior and sexual assault survivor. Her aim is to be a voice for the voiceless and break the silence on issues within society through the transformational power of the arts. Her artwork is known globally for spreading awareness and can be seen in Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Glamour,, and more.

edaEda Sutunc, Turkey

Eda Sutunc completed her BA at Koc University and obtained her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) where she received deans scholarship. Her practice is connected through an interdisciplinary artistic dialogue between performance, video, creative writing and sculpture. Her interests are centered on gender roles, labor, complex conditions for women and the implicit/explicit roles that constrain their freedom dealing primarily with the subtexts of gender politics, in/visibility of women and the repressive mechanisms by which they are reified. Her works are in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago Joan Flasch Book Collection, SOPHIST artist’s residency collection and has been exhibited in Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.


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