meet the residents

This year, at a residency in Kuşadası, we have the honor to host six amazing people. Discover who they are 🙂

23023341_1611084785618630_1462549299_oValentine Emilia Bossert is a visual artist born in Geneva, CH in 1990. She spent her five most formative years in London, UK and is currently preparing to move to Berlin to pursue her career. The human experience is at the heart of her practice, as she attempts to grasp and express something of its essence. Even though she creates in various media – incl. printmaking, installations, sculptures and video – her work always stems from a drawing foundation. She is also an MA graduate in Philosophy, in which her areas of research focus on existentialism and critical theory. She is particularly interested in utopian approaches to the problems inherent to our globalized societies. Despite not consciously associating them, she considers her art practice and theoretical work as strongly related and having a significant influence on each other.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-02 at 11.01.28Brian Kavanagh has been involved in the Irish parkour community since it’s founding, actively working on promotion and sharing the discipline. Setting up classes in the art along with Displacement in 2008. He is currently in talks with Sport Ireland over establishing a National govering body for Parkour in Ireland.




Henrik Kublick is an illustrator from Copenhagen, Denmark. He focuses on comics, storytelling and the world of occultism. He is finding his inspiration somewhere between his room at home and abroad, on the road.


17308925_10207055289015445_1639465893258457956_nNina Petrov is Serbian poet, performer, activist and a mathematician. She discovered all of these passions at the age of 8, and she tries to pursue all of them till present day. Today, she has published an author poetry book, is currently a member of Teatar Mimart in Belgrade, youth leader in international summits and projects, and soon she will graduate in theoretical mathematics from University of Novi Sad.

mollyMolly Scarborough is a performer, emerging producer and facilitator. She is a believer in equality and voicing the unheard voices / ‘the others’ who aren’t necessarily supported. She works within the arts and consistently with young people in her local area (Dorset). She works as the ‘Youth Programme Co-ordinator’ for b-side where she facilitates and creates projects / opportunities for young people. As a performance artist, she likes to challenge the limitations of her body and challenge taboo. She has just recently performed as part of HerStory 4 at N16 in London – “HerStory aims to challenge the misrepresentation of women in theater and broaden its narrative by staging daring and political work and fighting for representation by those whose voices are often silenced.”


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